II. Credit Card Owners

Any of the following may be submitted:

  • Philippine Passport*
  • Philippine Driver's License
  • SSS / GSIS ID with picture (ATM card type)
  • TIN ID with picture (ATM card type)
  • Company ID (only for Top 5000 Corporations)
  • Locally-issued Major Credit Card
  • Membership Card with picture (Exclusive Clubs only) with picture
  • Professional Regulatory Commission's (PRC) ID
  • Integrated Bar of the Philippines
  • ACR I-Card - required for foreign nationals (IBP) ID

  • Proof of Billing & Proof of Income

A. Non-Credit Card Owners - Any one of the following (most recent and paid if already due) may be submitted:

  • Utility Bill (Electricity, Telephone, Water, Major Cable/Internet) with at least P2,000 for the Electric Bill and P1,500 for Telephone, Water, and Major Cable/Internet**
  • Credit Card Statement***
  • Bank Statements (mailed)
  • Exclusive Club Membership Bill
  • Notarized Lease Contract
  • Insurance Premium Statements of Account

B.Business Owners - Any of the following may be submitted:

  • Last two (2) months Credit Card Statements(paid if already due) with CL of at least P25,000 (when applying for Plan 350)
  • Latest Income Tax Return / BIR Form 2316 with Payslips of the last two (2) half-month pay periods.
  • a) Basic Gross Annual Income of at least P120,000 (when applying for Plan 350)
  • b) Present O/R to show payment of tax due, if any
  • Newly-issued Certificate of Employment and Compensation with payslips:
  • a) Issued by the company's HRD reflecting the employee's income components, tenure, position and department.
  • Latest Payslips of at least two (2) half-month pay periods reflecting a basic monthly income of at least P10,000( when applying for Plan 350).

Subscribers to other Telco Network

Account must be current with no overdue balance or paid if already due.

The Subscriber must have been with the competitor network for at least six (6) months at the time of application to SUN.

SUN reserves the right to request for additional requirements if deemed necessary.

All documents presented must be original.

Newly issued passports (since Sept 2007) must be submitted with another ID with signature.
No minimum requirement if it will be used as POB only; if it is used as POI, consider minimum amount requirement.
For Sun Shops only, credit card may be presented in lieu of statements.
The amount may vary depending on the plan being applied for.

This is subject to Sun's credit evaluation.